Knowledge is power? Think again – knowledge sharing is power!

The bottom line is that the 70:20:10 learning model shows that only 10% of our employees’ knowledge and professional skill are the product of formal education given by someone who decided what they have to know in order to best perform at their job.

This means that 90% of the critical information that makes it possible for our employees to develop products, provide services, or dream up the next greatest invention remains carefully stored in their minds and their personal experience.

In other words, the vast majority of the most important resource in an organization is not managed, not accessible, and not stored in any type of knowledge base that can be accessed if the employee switches jobs or leaves the company.

As part of contemporary trends that attempt to flatten traditional organizational hierarchy, many organizations around the world have adopted a new approach to knowledge management that takes the professional knowledge created at the bottom of the pyramid and pulls it upwards to be continuously validated using methods based on the wisdom of the crowd.

One of the most interesting and innovative solutions designed to implement this approach is PROCOMZO, which was developed as a designated solution for these knowledge management challenges.

PROCOMZO is an organizational platform designed to manage and share professional knowledge. It enables organizations to simply and conveniently manage formal knowledge, but its primary designation is to manage the informal knowledge in the company. This includes insights, questions and answers, lessons learned, tips, recommendations, ideas, work processes, documents, learning objects and more.

In addition to preserving employees’ professional skills in a changing, dynamic environment and storing important organizational knowledge, PROCOMZO also helps identify knowledge gaps using structured BI reports, retrieve and manage hidden knowledge, identify and empower experts, hold professional discussions with users from various disciplines, avoid reinventing the wheel, and more.

PROCOMZO displays a personal feed to each employee in the organization. This offers employees a single place in which they can learn, stay informed on everything that is new and relevant to their specific fields, share insights, and ask or answer questions that are not necessarily related to their profession or department. For example, an employee in the production department can share an insight that may be relevant to a marketing expert, and an employee from the finance department can answer a question related to budgeting asked by someone from advertising. This facilitates creative and innovative thinking that generates new knowledge and unique solutions for complex problems.

One of the unique features of PROCOMZO is the IQ score given to employees, designed to encourage high-quality knowledge sharing. Insights shared and questions answered will contribute to building the employee’s professional reputation as represented by a personal IQ score, which is comprised of quantitative and qualitative scores that are given by the wisdom of the crowd. An employee’s IQ score can be used by company management to identify the experts who are important sources of knowledge in the organization and deserve to be rewarded for their contributions and encouraged to continue sharing their knowledge.

PROCOMZO is designed to suit a wide range of organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees, as well as organizations that are spread out in multiple remote branches that are interested in sharing knowledge in the most convenient and efficient way possible.


By: Ofir Goldshmidt, Founder and CEO of PROCOMZO Ltd.

April, 2017