Implementation stages:

One of the biggest advantages of PROCOMZO is how simply and quickly it can be integrated into your organization.

All you have to do to start working with PROCOMZO is to send us three lists: the names of your employees and their email addresses, a list of units and departments, and a list of the main professional domains in your organization.

While we customize PROCOMZO for your organization, you can tell your employees about the system, consider different ways of rewarding employees who share knowledge, and prepare an initial list of insights to include when we launch the platform.

Once the customized version of the system is ready, we’ll install it on a secure server on our cloud and send you a link so that you can start working!

About the process:

  1. The client (company/organization) shall prepare and send three lists:
    • An Excel spreadsheet containing the names and email addresses of the employees (3 columns: first name, last name, email address).
    • A list of 3-10 of the organization’s professional domains (e.g. marketing, sales, HR, technology, finances, customer services, administration, R&D, etc.). At least 50 employees should be associated with each domain on the list.
    • A list of the large organizational units (names of divisions or departments that are part of the organizational structure) – optional
  2. In addition to the lists, send five preliminary, general insights to be displayed on the employees’ feed at the system launch phase. Each insight should include a title (5-10 words) and approximately 100-200 words of content. Each insight should be relevant to at least two professional domains.
  3. Once we receive the three lists and five insights, we will develop a customized version of PROCOMZO for your organization (up to 5 work days).
  4. While we develop the customized platform, we recommend that you:
    • Appoint a system manager that can log in as an admin user in order to monitor content, generate reports, manage user registration and more.
    • Define a reward mechanism for employees with high IQ scores, such as monetary bonuses, using this as a parameter for promotion, adding an index to employee evaluation, etc.
    • Run a mini-campaign within the organization before the system is launched. Use slogans like “Do something positive with what you know!”; “What’s your professional IQ?”; “Want to be a professional guru?”; “Did you know that Michelle from marketing is following you?”, etc.
  5. Once you receive a link to the system (, we recommend that you connect it to your work processes via relevant information systems such CRM, SharePoint, PORTAL and more. The entire platform is located on a highest-priority secured cloud server (AWS) and can be accessed using an email address and password.