Unique features

Provide Insights    Answer Questions    Earn IQ Points

IQ point system that encourages employees to share information. Every insight (I) that an employee shares and every answer given to a question (Q) rewards that employee with IQ points. These points are awarded based on the amount of professional knowledge an employee has shared as well as the quality of this shared knowledge, as determined by the community of users.

Multidisciplinary system that encourages cooperation between professions and professional areas within an organization. For example, an employee from the manufacturing division can share an insight that might be relevant to an employee from the marketing division, while an employee from the finance division can answer a financial question that was raised by an employee in the advertising division. This produces new shared knowledge and allows for unique and efficient solutions to complex issues.

Clear BI reports system that is able to identify knowledge gaps by analyzing the questions that were raised, the type of content employees are seeking, and the standout employees that are consistently sharing quality information.

Open source-based Back Office that allows for the utmost flexibility in adapting the platform to every organization’s specific needs.

There is no need for installation or for a dedicated server on the organization’s premises – the entire platform is located in highest priority securely cloud (AWS).