Demo screens

The Feed

The feed include are all of the insights and questions that are related to the professional fields
The IQ reputation include quantity score, and quality score that base on the wisdom of the crowd.
Use the Search field to search for any kind of content, including insights, questions and answers, policies, and lessons learned from the system’s big data.

Insight Page

If 5 different users rate the insight and give average score that is less than 5 of 10, it will disappear from all of the feeds.
This in one way of using the wisdom of the crowd to make sure that all of the content is valuable and validated.
Users can, comment on insights, mark them to read them later, or report problematic content to the system manager.

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Add Item form

While the user type, the system searches for similar items and displays them if they are found.
This help to prevents entering content that already exists or asking a question that has already been answered.

Question Page

Each question can be answered three times by three different users.
The question will be locked after the third user finishes answering it.
The submitter will receive a message saying that three answers have been received and that they can be viewed and ranked.

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Profile Settings

The user can chose more than one field, or update your settings at any time by returning to this page, updating profile settings, and adding or deleting professional fields.

My Gurus Page

The user can add any user as a guru to follow that profile and get an instant message when new content is posted.

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