PROCOMZO is a knowledge sharing platform where users from varied professional backgrounds
have the opportunity to share information and learn from the wisdom of the crowd
knowledge management system

At PROCOMZO, we believe in the power of shared knowledge

PROCOMZO is a platform for managing and sharing both formal and informal organizational knowledge. All that critical knowledge that often stays inside the heads of employees? PROCOMZO gets it out in the open for the benefit of all employees and the entire organization. This includes insights, questions and answers, lessons learned, tips and recommendations, innovative ideas, successes, work processes and more.

In addition to fostering a rich knowledge sharing environment, the platform can also help identify knowledge gaps via structured BI reports, identify and reward experts, encourage discussions between employees in varied disciplines, shine a light on hidden knowledge, and save time by keeping employees from searching for information or solutions that already exist within the organization.

PROCOMZO is ideal for a wide range of organizations, but it is especially well suited to small to mid-size organizations with employee numbers ranging from hundreds to thousands. It’s also excellent for decentralized organizations with branches in a number of locations that still need to share knowledge in a simple and efficient way.

Your benefits:

Maintaining Professional
Knowledge & Skills

Employees Time

Knowledge Gaps


Your Benefits:

  • Maintain professional aptitude and enrich employees’ knowledge in an ever-evolving world of information and content.
  • Eliminate the disorganization that comes with the immense amount of dispersed knowledge within an organizations’ branches and databases.
  • Identify specific solutions for professional needs that are NOT within the specialization of the employee requiring the solution.
  • Single out the experts and standout employees in an organization.
  • Bring hidden knowledge to the forefront and keep employees from wasting time on inventing the wheel all over again, so to speak.
  • Share existing work processes and lessons learned in order to assist in the implementation of procedures while also helping to maintain successes, encourage innovation and prevent repeat failures

How It Works

For every employee PROCOMZO displays a personalized feed – a personal knowledge base – that allows employees to stay up to date with everything that’s new and relevant to their profession or position.

The feed is also the place where they can read insights from within the organization, share their own insights and ask or answer questions – even ones that are not necessarily related to their specialization within the organization.

The more a user shares insights (I) and answers questions (Q) the more the reputation or IQ points he or she will accumulate. This IQ point score represents both the amount of professional knowledge an employee has shared, and the quality of this shared knowledge.

Provide Insights    Answer Questions    Earn IQ Points

Not only are these rewarding points an inherent morale booster, but they help demonstrate to management where the key knowledge is coming from and which employees may be deserving of special recognition. This, of course, serves to encourage further knowledge sharing.